by Anastasia

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released August 7, 2013

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Andrew Rubner at Sad Fat Records
All artwork/ album cover- by Anastasia Lasky



all rights reserved


Anastasia Clinton, New Jersey

My name is Anastasia Lasky. I'm 17 years old. This is my first recorded album. Thanks for listening,
it really means a lot


~~Thanks to Andrew Rubner!!~~

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You need someone to lean on
But your too weak right now
You need someone to feed on
But your too full with doubt

And who's to blame
For these feelings
Boreded up behind walls.

You need someone to listen
Cause you haven't talked in years
You need someone to keep your promises sincere

And I can't wait for the sun
Cause I need it now

It's like counting the days til I fade away
I guess everything must melt away someday

Don't Leave me to rott
I've known you for so long
You taught me how to cry
You caused me so much pain and now I will die.
Track Name: I Wake Up Everyday
I'd hate to be the one to write this in words
But since you've left
I've lost all the pounds that made me best
And I've tried my very hardest
To stiffen up my backbone
But I'm too weak
Yes, I'm too weak to handel this

And I've counted all of the days
That made me sick
And I've added up all the causes
That made me quit

But i think i learned to realize
That no one can make me as lonely, as i already am X2

And i can feel the walls listening
As I go in
Please don't let them know what i'm saying
Cause you'd be disappointed to hear
That I've spent nearly a year
Trying to put myself together again
But i always fail
I always fail

And right now I really need you here
But I guess I'll hold on a little longer for you my dear
Cause i know you'll be home before i can hear
I'm just lost in this darkness that's not here
It's just my worried thought
Keeping me here
Track Name: I Wish I Was Home
Can you help me, wash the morning off my face
Cause I've forgotten how to care
And I've left my body, stranded
Fighting for air

And I've left myself starving for years
And I've abused myself again

I just want to say, I'm sorry
That you had to love someone
Who's struggling to get by

And I'm trying to find the time
To get through this
To get to somewhere better
But better is always somewhere else

And I don't think i can fully get it
Til i leave this family tree and grow up a bit
Cause I'm sorry mom and dad that i gave up on this
I just really need to fucking quit my job already
Cause I don't think i can last anymore
I just clean these dirty plates
When I'm the one starving inside

Cause I have to learn and keep reminding myself
That my words are important
And my small existence means something in this world
Stop all your worrying
Stop all those tears

And don't let your feelings over power
What you really feel
You are worthy my dear
You deserve better than what you went through
And please don't let them hurt you
Cause you'll be crippled til the day you die
You deserve to live happily my dear
Track Name: I Thought You'd Be There For Me
I thought you'd be there for me
Especially through this
And I've kept you for year and years
Now I'm not really sure why

You really proved yourself wrong
You really proved me wrong
And I feel used when I think about
What he did, to my body.
And the fact, that you still talk to him
Is the worst thing that you could have done

He took me, and used me, for his own fucked up pleasure
And saw nothing wrong with that
He told me no one would have to know
And you believed him

You wanted this to just disappear
But I will not forget
No I will not, I will not forget, I will not forget

You chose a side
You chose to be friends with him
And I chose mine

And I can't look at you, the same anymore
Yes you've let me down before
But not this time
But not this time

You believed a compulsive liar
And I haven't lied a day in my life
Cause I have always taken the blame
But not for this
But not for this
No Not for this

And I always tried to be there for you
They say do onto others
As others will do onto you
And that's the biggest lie
I have been told
Track Name: The Song You'll Never Hear
Can you see how much pain you caused me
Yes I'm bleeding thin dry
And you walk away with your hands clean
But can't admite your fucking crime

And you can't get away with this
You can't rape someone and not feel ashamed
Or maybe your just someone who's sub-human
Sadly, there's too many of your kind

But i realized
That one day you will suffer
And hopefully do us all a favor and die

Yes those were the words you told me
When you spun it around on me
And made yourself the victim

You just cover your dirty tracks
All over me

So if this song isn't enough
To sink inside your fucking skull
Than maybe a bullet can sink in deeper
And i sincerly hope you fucking die
I hope you can sleep well tonight
Track Name: I Get Stronger Everyday
" I Get Stronger Everyday I Live, And i won't always have to live my life in pain. I get closer to having to get out one day. Cause it feels, as if i can't make it anymore. Cause i know now, And i don't want to admit any truth i have. And i have this warm soft bed, That i come home to everynight. I'll feel AT HOME soon. One day I'll get out. But for right now. I'm stuck in my head. And I remember their faces so vividly, You were The only one left. In that cold dark room. Yes I remember you.
And it was like the mud that stained into my hands.
And if you only knew, How much i trusted you
And what i'd really do, I'm uncertain of.
And I'd find out where he lives.
And end this once and for all

And if you ever walk by
That old abandoned house
A little ways up the street
Right by the train station
You know how they put up signs
And we played in the ditches
When they tore it all down
And when your Old and Sad
Just Pass by this God Damn town
And remember me there
Cause that's all you'll remember of me.
Track Name: Thanksgiving Pt. 1
Do you/ Remember/ Me there?
With my shoes off
In the river/ While you stacked rocks on top of one another
And all of the days that never seem to pass.

I let you get inside me
And Churn my stomach rotten milk
I waisted my own expenses
For nothing in return.

Stuffed Turkey/ Thanksgiving
Is all I want to be
Because Gluttony is a deadly sin

end of plucking~~

They sometimes overeat.
At a get together family feast
The Vultures Groan
While loosen their belts

Sitting on the sofa
In Pleasant conversations
Waiting for their discomfort to pass
Is all i want to be
Stuff me like a turkey
Track Name: Thanksgiving Pt. 2
Sly you fox-like
Skittish you rabbit
Horny you pig

There are ghosts
In the hallways
Footsteps in the Attic

You Hunt me down
Like a basett hound

Fridge your sinister
Grace before the turkey
I'll squeal like a sheep
If you make me

Cut me in two
I can see right through you
Water leaks, Dry rotteted
I'll be so bountiful
If you let me
Stuff me like a turkey
Track Name: You Are Making Me Dope Sick
Spoiled Eggs
Rotten Meat
Bug infested wheat
Stale like the cupboards I've always knew

Surrounds me

Nestle Cocoon
The pills you need to survive
Stole my sister
Stole Father
Stole Father
From me