I Thought You'd Be There For Me

from by Anastasia



I thought you'd be there for me
Especially through this
And I've kept you for year and years
Now I'm not really sure why

You really proved yourself wrong
You really proved me wrong
And I feel used when I think about
What he did, to my body.
And the fact, that you still talk to him
Is the worst thing that you could have done

He took me, and used me, for his own fucked up pleasure
And saw nothing wrong with that
He told me no one would have to know
And you believed him

You wanted this to just disappear
But I will not forget
No I will not, I will not forget, I will not forget

You chose a side
You chose to be friends with him
And I chose mine

And I can't look at you, the same anymore
Yes you've let me down before
But not this time
But not this time

You believed a compulsive liar
And I haven't lied a day in my life
Cause I have always taken the blame
But not for this
But not for this
No Not for this

And I always tried to be there for you
They say do onto others
As others will do onto you
And that's the biggest lie
I have been told


from AT HOME, released August 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Anastasia Clinton, New Jersey

My name is Anastasia Lasky. I'm 17 years old. This is my first recorded album. Thanks for listening,
it really means a lot


~~Thanks to Andrew Rubner!!~~

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